Gingitsune Productions
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Gingitsune Productions started out with the thought, 'Hey I want to make a flash animation' that led to the thought, 'I need to call myself something'. After much speculation and doodling I came up with Gingitsune Productions, Gingitsune means white or silver fox, and is the name of the one found throughout this site. Thus it was born. Eventually I did buy Macromedia Flash player. See my flash creations under Knick Knacks.

I have been working professionally in the web programming field since October of 2008 and enjoy it immensely. So much so that in my free time I volunteered to make the nonprofit group The Discovery Center of Ridgefield, CT a new website, using a language and a type of database that I have never used before, PHP and MySQL.

My Brother then wanted a new website to help him apply to Colleges with game design programs, so I made him a new one, and added some animated gifs to it.

Having discovered the joy that is png images (better compression, detail, and the ability to have partial transparency), I dreamed up a rather complicated site design involving diving. It would be perfect for my Father, so I recreated his website.

On November 19, 2009 my computer crashed and wouldn't reboot. The disk had been giving me problems for a long time, and I was hoping it would hold out untill Windows 7 had been out on the market for several months, allowing them to work the kinks out of the software. This wasn't going to happen, so I bit the bullet and bought a new computer with Windows 7 on it. Right afterwards, I turned on my old computer to remove the hard drive password so that it would be easier to get my files off it. It booted up without a hitch.  Murphy’s Law strikes again.

On November 30, 2009 I got the sad news that the economic crisis had put the squeeze on the company I worked for, TTS Systems, and they didn't have enough money to pay me or the work to keep me busy, so as of December 1, 2009 I would be without a job.

Thus armed with a computer that luckily arrived the weekend before, which I was still in the process of setting up. (I discovered, along the way, that my versions of Photoshop Elements, American Heritage Dictionary, and Retrospect didn't work with the new operating system, but luckily Dreamweaver did.) I started to recreate and update my website to once again advertise myself on the job market, even though unemployment in Connecticut as of October is 8.8%. Cross your fingers.