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This is a listing of photographs that I have taken. The newest picture is first on the list. Click on the photo name or image to view it larger.

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Unknown Bird
Unknown Bird Do you know what type of bird this is? It showed up at our feeder once, and we haven't seen it since. My mother and I think it's a mutated goldfinch. What do you think?

- On DeviantArt
Dan, Daughter and Dogs
Dan, Daughter and Dogs My cousin Dan, his daughter Isabelle, their dog Greta, and my Uncle's dog playing in the surf on Nantucket.

- On DeviantArt
Seals off Nantucket
Seals off Nantucket Grey seals we spotted off the shore of Nantucket while visiting my cousin.

- On DeviantArt
Anaconda One of the anacondas at the Boston Aquarium.

- On DeviantArt
Find the Frog
Find the Frog There are two frogs in this picture. Can you find them?

Picture taken at the Boston Aquarium.

- On DeviantArt
Xena Romp
Xena Romp Xena, my dog, romping through the fields of the New Hampshire property toward me.

- On DeviantArt
Bee on Mountain Mint Flower
Bee on Mountain Mint Flower A bee doing what bees do to flowers. In this case a Mountain Mint.

Picture taken on the New Hampshire Property.

- On DeviantArt
Waxing Gibbous Moon
Waxing Gibbous Moon A picture of the moon, Waxing Gibbous stage.

- On DeviantArt
Mounted Bear
Mounted Bear A mounted bear at Deer Valley YMCA camp, Fort Hill, PA.

- On DeviantArt
Downy Woodpecker on Thistle Feeder
Downy Woodpecker on Thistle Feeder A Downy Woodpecker on our Thistle Feeder

- On DeviantArt
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