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This is a listing of photographs that I have taken. The newest picture is first on the list. Click on the photo name or image to view it larger.

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Peonies Some peonies in my Mother's garden.

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Pumpkin Lobotomy 2007
Pumpkin Lobotomy 2007 Every year Keene, NH has an event called the Pumpkin Fest in which they try to break the record for the number of lit Jack-o-Lanterns in one area. I believe Boston currently holds the title, but then again Boston is a major metropolis and Keene isn't. I think per capita wise Keene does win.

Keene State College holds an event for the students a day or two before the Fest called the Pumpkin Lobotomy. They truck in pumpkins that the students carve. Every year that I've been there, it's rained. This is a picture of the 2007 lobotomy, before the rain.

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After the Storm
After the Storm A rainbow in the sky after a storm has passed.

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