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My Creations

These are a few websites that I created, with a listing of abilities they have. The closer a website is to the top of the list the older it is.

Kurt Roscoe's Website
Kurt Roscoe's Website
  • This website is my first foray into animated gifs.
  • The navigation changes are entirely javascript driven as is the linking to another page. So if javascript is turned off in the browser, you can't go anywhere.
The Discovery Center of Ridgefield, CT
The Discovery Center of Ridgefield, CT
  • My first use of PHP and MySQL.
  • Administrator side login with different navigation depending on your permission level.
  • Public Side Navigation
    • Can be changed on the Administrator side only by a user with the highest level of permissions.
    • Generated by a database.
    • Used CSS styles to make the navigation change as it's hovered over.
  • Programs
    • Can be added, removed, and edited on the Administrator side by a user with a sufficient level of permissions.
    • On the homepage the the programs are shown only if there date hasn't passed, order by date where the closer the program date is to today the closer to the top of the list.
    • Notes on the homepage, Program detail page, and registration page if a program has been indicated to have been moved to it's rain date, had a date change, or canceled.
    • Can be limited by the number of seats available or be opened.
    • Show up on the Event Calendar, and if the programs date has been changed or canceled will be written in red.
    • An Person can sign up for a program online or by phone.
    • An email will be sent to a Registrant upon sign up.
    • An Administrator with sufficient permissions can mass email Online Registrants if there has been a change in the Program.
    • An Administrator with sufficient permissions can email a single Online Registrants if there is a problem.
  • Event Calendar
    • Dynamically generated by php code I developed.
    • Has the ability to jump forward or backward one month.
    • Can jump to any month of any year after the first program.
    • Shows program names on the date they are scheduled.
    • Writes program names in red if they have been rescheduled, moved to there rain date, or canceled.
    • An Administrator of sufficient permissions may add, edit, or remove a holiday from the calendar.
Roscoe Family Website
Roscoe Family Website
  • My first discovery of png images. Disappointed to learn the earlier versions of internet explorer does not support it.
  • The navigation is my second use of css styles to make the navigation change when hovered over. I added images to the styles as background images. It worked out rather well. Though javascript is used to change the navigation to another style to show what page your currently on.
  • Photo Albums
    • Database generated
    • Can choose one of three formats. Slides, Enlarge, and Content.
    • Created administrator side to allow eaze of updating.
    • Found a freeware popup server browser that creates thumbnails of the images so you know what your clicking on. Modified this to work on the Roscoe Family Website. Communicated with the server provider to get sufficient permissions to upload and delete images from the server through php code. The upload image that came with the freeware used a flash to upload files, it wasn't working so I rewrote it to just pure php code and made it compatable with the rest of the server browser.
Brad Roscoe's Website
Brad Roscoe's Website
  • First use of a div tag to relativly place an image. The boat's placement is always the far right bottom, no matter how big or small the window gets.
Gingitsune Productions
Gingitsune Productions
  • Navigation style css went through another change here.
    • Used php to change navigation styles based on current page.
    • Added javascript drop downs for s second tier of navigation. Ability to still get to these pages exists if java script is turned off.
    • Another navigation appears on 2nd tier pages at top of page. This will change as the pages change, with a possible 3rd tier bellow heading on 2nd tier pages. PHP include file used for ease of updating secondary second tier, headers, and third tier navigation.
    • Drop down under Websites and Knick Knacks is database driven as is the second tier navigator at the top of these pages.
    • Third tier navigation under Virtual Pets is database driven.
  • Modified to be a sub domain of, including a page redirect to change the url to use the subdomain rather than the original path.
  • Modified Knick Knacks and Websites to use the Photo Album pages originally developed for the site. Modified them though to use three new album types: List - Enlarge, List - Content, List - External. Added a page to show all albums in a category in either a List format or a Standard format.
  • Valenth and Squiby Virtual pets are now in a database to allow ease of update.
  • Added a hit counter. Uses a cookie to see if you have been on within 24 hours. If you have then the unique count will not increment. If you haven't the count will increment and the date and page you entered from are recorded into the database. It also keeps track of total clicks per page per date. Statistics will be visible from the administrative side.
Ecto Energy
Ecto Energy
  • Modified to be a sub domain of
  • Database driven.
  • Modified the hit counter created for Gingitsune Productions to be more comprehensive. Including a click counter and a link back counter. Modified the unique click counter to use the IP addresses to figure out if some is unique or not. This allows more accuracy then cookies as some people have cookies turned off. Modified the Gingitsune counter to be similar to this one. See the description of the counter for Gingitsune Productions for more details.
Strange Charm
Strange Charm
  • A sub domain of
  • Database driven.
  • Makes use of divs.
  • Logo is a flash animation.