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Flash and Video

Here are a few flash animations and videos that I have created.

Roscoe Family Christmas 2008 - Opening
Roscoe Family Christmas 2008 - Opening Buoyed by the success of the Red line I made this flash animation of dancing fairy lights to the Trans Siberian Orchestra version of 'Carol Of The Bells'. It was probably the only interesting part of a movie almost entirely made up of people opening presents.

I had a lot of trouble with syncing the dancing fairy lights to the music, eventually I did get it. Only when I tried to convert it to a format I could use in windows movie maker, the sync went way off, so I cut it up into pieces and pasted it back together as best as I could. Now that I put the flash online, I see that the sync is once again off.

- Origional Flash - smoother animation, cleaner graphics
- YouTube - fairy lights and music syncs better
Red Line Travel To Hawaii
Red Line Travel To Hawaii Remember when Indiana Jones traveled you would see a red line of his route. This is my attempt to mimic it using Macromedia Flash 8. You can click on the link to see the original flash animation, or you can click on the YouTube link below to see it in context as a clip from the Roscoe Family Hawaii Vacation Movie.

- Origional Flash
- YouTube - Clip from Roscoe Family Hawaii Vacation 2008