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TTS Systems

TTS Systems created a Online Store Software known as OrderMaxx. They use this as a basis for the stores that clients order from them. There is an administrative side to the OrderMaxx software, so the client can edit most pages, including the homepage, and in a more recent versions of the software part of the header, footer, and above and bellow the navigation. They may also change the navigation at they see fit adding categories and products to categories, or even pages to categories. The Client then may order extra features to make the site do what they want and TTS Systems will implement them.

These are a few stores that I helped work on, with a listing of features that I added on. If the site is Live click on the image of the homepage or on it's name to go to it. Those websites that are not live haven't been okayed by the client yet.

The closer a website is to the top of the list the older it is.

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Barron & Brothers International
Barron & Brothers International
  • Created an Affiliate Marketing Module for the Ordermaxx software
    • Ability to turn on and off Affiliate Marketing Module.
    • Ability to upload Link Back images. And the Link Back code is created based on the Affiliate.
    • Created ability to check to see if the current user came from an Affiliate website.
    • Store the number of times someone can from an Affiliate Site and who Affiliate Site they came from.
    • Store the Affiliate ID and commission rate in the order.
    • Show Affiliate Statistics.
Ardisam - MasterBlaster
Ardisam - MasterBlaster
  • New Navigation: Created using a recursive function call to show as many levels deep as the client adds them. Opens and closes levels using the CareCore appear and disappear javascript. Keeps the navigation open when product is clicked on, a category selected, or a client determined page associated with the navigation is clicked on.
  • Has to redo the category results page and the product detail page to work with this new flexibility. They both should be easier to update now.
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